Amber Heard hired Hollywood fixer to ‘knock on doors’ to hurt Johnny Depp

Amber Heard hired a personal agent to examine him and hurt Johnny Depp.

Hollywood fixer Paul Barresi reveals he was employed by the Aquaman star as a PI and interviewed lots of people. 

Speaking to Law and Crime Network, Mr Barresi revealed: “I was supposed to find instances of bad conduct in the past in accordance to what Amber had accused. I was primarily supposed to find other women who were abused by Johnny.

“I looked for some time, knocked on doorways, I couldn’t discover one individual to say one deprecating factor about him. Just as a result of I couldn’t discover any individual credible to inform me his is a nasty man, we do not know what folks do behind closed doorways.

“Johnny Depp is an international star, every loves him and people lose sight of the wrong things he does. I was not there. But I spoke with a great number of people and everybody said that Johnny was a sweetheart,” he concluded.

Johnny gained his defamation trial in opposition to Amber Heard earlier this yr. 

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