Angelina Jolie lands in Pakistan to aid flood-affected victims, Hollywood star hears women in makeshift tents

Angelina Jolie in Pakistan

Angelina Jolie has joined with International Rescue Committee to Help these affected by devastating floods in Pakistan. The Hollywood star landed in the South-Asian nation and interacted with the victims and frolicked with women there. She additionally hears the horrors the women are dealing with as Pakistan suffers from heavy rainfall in the area. 

In order to elevate consciousness concerning the horrific scenario, the ‘Mr and Mrs Smith’ actress landed in Dadu, Pakistan, to hear from folks affected straight about their wants and about steps to forestall such struggling in the longer term. Photos of Angelina from Pakistan have surfaced on the Internet. Some images had been additionally shared by International Rescue Committee on Instagram. In the images, Angelina Jolie is seen sitting in a makeshift shelter with a gaggle of women. She rigorously listens to their ordeal providing Help

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Describing the three photos, the caption of the Instagram submit reads: “IMAGE 1: This aged lady, like many others, had misplaced her dwelling to the harm and was dwelling in a makeshift encampment that does not present safety from the climate. Amidst these devastating situations, she needed somebody to hear her story.

IMAGE 2: Women in the village Ibrahim Chandio, Daddu Sindh recounted to Angelina a number of the horrors they proceed to face. Simple wants like meals, water, medical consideration will not be being met.

IMAGE 3: Angelina additionally met a younger mom in a makeshift shelter. Despite shedding their total lives to floods these communities greeted her with a smile and had been glad of an opportunity to communicate their coronary heart.”

The submit additionally shared insights concerning the Pakistan floods and the way it has affected the folks dwelling there. “Heavy rains and floods have impacted 33 million people and submerged one third of the country under water. Pakistan, which has contributed just 1% of global carbon emissions, is paying the greatest cost for a crisis it did not cause. The climate crisis is destroying lives and futures in Pakistan, with severe consequences especially for women and children,” it shared including, “Thank you, @angelinajolie, for helping us raise awareness for this critical emergency — and call for long-term solutions to address the multiplying crises of climate change. With more rains expected in the coming months, we hope the world will wake up and take action. Please visit to learn more about the situation, our work, and how you can make a difference.”

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