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Antonio Brown has been booted from Snapchat after posting sexually graphic material.

The former NFL receiver was suspended from the platform after featuring incredibly sexually graphic material that appeared to show Chelsie Kyriss, who is the mother of his children. OutKick will not link to or share the content shared by AB.

Kyriss released a statement on Instagram initially claiming Snapchat refused to take down the inappropriate content.

“I have asked multiple times to have this part of our past relationship to remain private but he refuses. I have reported his page and all pictures unfortunately Snapchat is allowing him to repost,” Kyriss wrote in part.

Chelsie Kyriss reacts to leaked sexual material. Antonio Brown leaked sexually graphic material that appeared to feature her. (Credit: Instagram)

However, the social media company ultimately decided to pull the plug on Brown for violating community guidelines prohibiting sexual material. This followed Kyriss’ public pleas for the company to suspend Brown’s account and remove the content, according to TMZ.

If you look for AB’s Snapchat account as of Tuesday afternoon, it’s showing up as not found.

Antonio Brown’s Snapchat suspended after leaking sexually graphic material. (Credit: Snapchat)

Did Antonio Brown break the law?

This isn’t the first time Antonio Brown has shared sexually graphic material on social media. He previously shared a fake photo of Gisele naked.

However, it’s possible that this situation is much worse and a violation of the law. Antonio Brown lives in Florida, which has strict revenge porn laws.

The Florida law states sharing images of people engaged in sexual acts “without the depicted person’s consent” in an attempt to cause “substantial emotional distress to the depicted person” is a first degree misdemeanor punishable by up to 12 months in jail.

Antonio Brown might have violated Florida’s revenge porn law. (Credit: Florida legislature)

This situation is just the latest humiliating moment in Antonio Brown’s downfall. Of all the things he’s done, this is certainly among the worst.

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