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If the latest leaks are true, it looks like the Atlanta Braves have their City Connect jersey designs set.

According to the images circulating online, the design for the Braves’ City Connect uniforms appears to be a combination of their modern logo and their 1970s colors of blue, red and white, via

There are more interesting details found on the leak, though. For one, there is “The” written before the uppercase “A” Braves logo. It has been colored in lighter blue with white and red trims. Below the said logo is the number “715,” which is a tribute to the late Hank Aaron and his 715th career home run that surpassed Babe Ruth’s mark.

The number “715” is shown in white and its font style is similar to how the numbers appeared on the scoreboard back in 1974.

It remains to be seen how the actual uniforms will look like, especially since only the shirts and designs were leaked. Based on the initial impressions from the logo, though, the Braves’ City Connect uniforms could have a minimalist design.

It also remains to be seen when the Braves plan to debut the City Connect jerseys. Atlanta is scheduled to have them by 2023, though the “715” design makes it intriguing since Hank Aaron’s record-breaking homer will be celebrating its 50th year anniversary in 2024. But then again, it could simply be a tribute to the franchise icon.

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