Can you Spot who is the Killer of woman in restaurant within 15 secs?

Brain Teaser for Testing Your IQ: This IQ take a look at is a enjoyable approach to know your Intelligence Quotient. This mind teaser will Help in testing your intelligence stage primarily based on the resolution you make whereas the drawback. While fixing these mind teasers, you have to scan the drawback and arrive at the reply by utilizing analytical reasoning abilities. Brain puzzles make a easy riddle extra attention-grabbing, as these enjoyable video games are solved with artistic considering. You have to assume just a little in a different way for approaching to the answer as the reply received’t be proper in entrance of you. So, we’ve got give you an attention-grabbing mind teaser the place you need to determine the Killer amongst the 5 folks suspected to be the assassin of the woman in the restaurant in the picture.

Brain Teaser IQ Test: Can you spot who is the Killer of the woman in the restaurant within 15 seconds?


Image Source: Bright Side

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In the above picture, you have to determine who is the Killer amongst the 5 individuals primarily based on their actions and state of affairs. The puzzle states that “A woman is murdered in the restroom of a restaurant. Can you look at the picture and find out who the killer is? ” There are 5 suspects in the (*15*):

  1. Suspect No. 1 is the man in a blue shirt, sitting at the right-most desk of the restaurant.
  2. Suspect No. 2 is the man in the purple shirt, sitting at the center-most desk of the restaurant.
  3. Suspect No. 3 is the woman in the pink gown, sitting at the right-corner desk of the restaurant.
  4. Suspect No. 4 is the man in a blue shirt, sitting on the left-most desk of the restaurant close to the washroom.
  5. Suspect No. 5 is the waiter who is serving drinks and meals in the restaurant.

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You are required to have a look at the picture fastidiously earlier than answering the query as the reply is fairly easy however tough. As a heads up, the solutions to this mind teaser has been given proper under the query, so be certain you don’t scroll too far and cheat!

Brain Teaser Answer

If you have a look at the 5 suspects in the image fastidiously, you will have the ability to determine the Killer. Also, preserve in thoughts that the killer is current inside the restaurant. So, let’s determine who is the Killer amongst the 5 suspects:


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If you have a look at Suspect Number 4 fastidiously, there are a lot of clues which might be indicating that he is the killer of the woman in the washroom. The assassin’s clues are:

  • He appears very tense.
  • He is close to the restroom.
  • His Knife is lacking.
  • His Shirt is ripped at the backside.
  • A chunk of his shirt is subsequent to the sufferer.
  • He has a scratch on his neck.

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So, the reply to this psychological quiz is that Suspect Number 4 has murdered the woman in the restaurant’s washroom.

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The above mind teaser is a easy take a look at of your intelligence and statement abilities. It requires lateral considering to unravel the puzzle within the stipulated time. However, you’ll undoubtedly really feel happy if you have discovered the reply in just a few seconds.  This mind teaser is simply one other enjoyable approach to take a look at your IQ. However, taking an precise IQ take a look at is a great way of realizing your IQ stage.

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