Classified military documents leaked on the War Thunder forums, again #Classified #military #documents #leaked #War #Thunder #forums

We can reset the counter! Another classified military document was leaked on the War Thunder forums.

War Thunder fans are a different breed, as the game has gotten so competitive that the player are almost calling the shots in place of the developers.

The competition has gotten so out of hand that War Thunder players have leaked military files multiple times so the proper adjustments are done to the vehicles in the game.

For context, Gaijin Entertainment, the company responsible for War Thunder, has an extensive FAQ about the subject and much more:

This is what we are dealing with, players who need an extensive document saying “please, don’t leak sensitive files from your country’s government”.

So, naturally, user spacenavy90 leaked official government files pertaining to the F-16 aircraft as a response to an argument.

The files got quickly deleted, and it can only be assumed that whoever was responsible for keeping those files safe may want a few words with the leaker.

Despite having their post deleted, spacenavy90 claims that the files aren’t actually classified, but Gaijin Entertainment is having none of it.

For context, the last classified data leak happened in August of 2022, meaning that the community almost lasted six months without an incident.

This only cements how far a War Thunder player will go for a balance patch, they will betray their country so their favorite vehicle is more accurate.

War Thunder has been available on Windows PC, Linux, Mac (all via Steam), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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