Dragon Victory International Rebrands As Metalpha #Dragon #Victory #International #Rebrands #Metalpha

Hong Kong-based digital assets wealth management company Dragon Victory International Limited has rebranded as “Metalpha” by officially changing its name to Metalpha Technology Holding Limited. The Company has also successfully completed restructuring with Antalpha Technologies Limited (“Antalpha”).

Upon completion of the reorganization, Metalpha Limited (“Metalpha”) will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company.

Established in 2021, Metalpha , previously known as Dragon Victory International, is a leading digital assets wealth management company headquartered in Hong Kong. The company works with clients to create tailor-made instruments that enable sophisticated investors to establish or liquidate investment positions or undertake hedging strategies.

Metalpha employs finance talents with deep experience in derivatives and structured products. The company said in a press release that it hires top talents from Wall Street banks and provides crypto derivative products to institutions, which include exchanges, miners, funds, family offices, etc. Backed by both Metalpha Technology Holding Limited and Antalpha Technologies Limited, the company is one of the largest derivatives traders in Asia.

This reorganization demonstrates a high level of confidence that the Company’s management team has in Metalpha’s ability to increase its presence and develop a competitive advantage under the current market conditions.

The comapny said that tThe reorganization is intended to pave the way for new opportunities for Metalpha to become a global leader in digital asset wealth management.

Metalpha Founder and CEO, Adrian Wang, said: “The crypto industry continues to have room for growth, despite its challenges this year. We are looking very closely at how to build a stronger and healthier global market for digital assets, which we are doing together with our partners, such as Antalpha, and many others.”

Metalpha aims to provide customers with high-quality product design and trading capabilities in the industry and is committed to delivering the best structured derivative products to cryptocurrency market participants.

The company also mentioned that it does not offer services to Mainland China and pursues the highest level of compliance standards in every jurisdiction it operates in.

Going forward, the Company has planned to work with regulators on various compliance measures. It has also planned to invest in supporting public education in blockchain technology and hire more personnel at its headquarters in Hong Kong.

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