‘Hollywood, Nebraska’ premieres at OR Playhouse

There is one thing innately comforting about returning house to household. The acquainted faces, areas and recollections related to ‘home’ carry a way of ease and pleasure not like anything. Unless, in fact, these faces are a disappointment, the small areas start to shut in on you, and the recollections are all too painful to recollect.These are among the themes touched on all through Kenneth Jones’ world-premiere new play, “Hollywood, Nebraska,” opening at the Oak Ridge Playhouse on Friday, Sept. 23, and operating choose dates via October 2.

Tyra Haag, left, as Jane and Karen Brunner as Alma in the world-premiere, new comedy, "Hollywood, Nebraska"  —a play about the urge to be creative, the itch to move away and the ache of reconnecting.

Of course, as in life, there’s a lot extra beneath the floor of this bittersweet, showbiz-comedy.The play follows two actresses from reverse ends of the nation, as they return to their dying hometown within the panhandle of Nebraska. Jane (Tyra Haag) is in from L.A. to investigate cross-check her ailing mom Alma (Karen Brunner). Andrea (Stephanie Quist) is again from New YorkCity. to bury her father. These two childhood pals should overcome previous hurts to search out hope in a spot they thought they left behind. Along the best way they meet just a few impressionable locals: guy-next-door Robert (Tim Reynolds), his aspiring-actress daughter Katie (Kate Alexander) and the keen but harmless Lance (Freddie Haddix Jr).

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