Hollywood Teamsters Local 399 Granted Movie/TV Jurisdiction Of New Mexico Local 492 – Deadline

Hollywood’s Teamsters Local 399 has been granted the movie and TV jurisdiction of Teamsters Local 492 in New Mexico following an investigation by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) and an audit of Local 492’s monetary information. Effective instantly, Local 492 members working within the movement image business will develop into members of Local 399.

The dramatic transfer comes after IBT investigators have been despatched to New Mexico in May “due to significant member concerns around the referral rules and financial structure for New Mexico Movie Teamsters,” Local 399 chief Lindsay Dougherty stated in a notification to members of each locals. “It was ultimately recommended that due to the findings from the audit, Teamsters Local 492 should no longer hold the jurisdiction to represent Teamsters in the motion picture industry. The recommendation was taken to a vote by the General Executive Board to not only remove the jurisdiction from Local 492, but, effective immediately, those in the motion picture industry in New Mexico would be transferred to Teamsters Local 399. Local 399 will now be the new representative of these members.”

Dougherty, who’s Local 399’s secretary-treasurer, Director of the Teamsters Motion Picture Division, and an IBT Western Region Vice President, can also be a member of the IBT govt board, however recused herself from the vote to keep away from any battle of curiosity. She was additionally a member IBT president Sean O’Brien’s slate that took management of the Teamsters in March.

“I am very aware that this decision has the potential to cause a lot of questions and concerns,” Dougherty wrote in her discover. “This decision however does not impact our current Local 399 members on the Industry Experience Roster, nor will it jeopardize the access to work as our members currently have. This solely has to do with the representation New Mexico Teamsters are all entitled to. We are working alongside Teamsters Local 492 representatives to make this transition as smooth, effective and transparent as possible.”

Local 399, she famous, “has long preserved jurisdiction in the 13 Western States, which our ‘Black Book’ Agreement with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers covers. Our members have historically followed their work when hired in Los Angeles to work on distant location. Local 399 members have been able to bring their expertise, professionalism and comradery to each and every production whether within Los Angeles or on distant location… I want to be very clear that nothing has negatively impacted or weakened our jurisdiction that we have preserved for decades.”

Noting that she’s presently in New Mexico, Dougherty wrote that she’ll be there all week visiting reveals, speaking to members and getting ready for a membership assembly with New Mexico film Teamsters later within the week. Joining her there are Joshua Staheli, Local 399’s Business agent, recording secretary and Western Region Motion Picture Division consultant; and Ron Schwab, assistant director to the Teamster’s Motion Picture Division. “We will be spending this next week working to figure out the logistics of this transfer of membership,” she wrote. “I know our current 399 members will welcome our new New Mexico Teamsters with solidarity and respect.”

This, she wrote, is “What we currently know”:

• Effective instantly, Teamsters Local 492 members working within the Motion Picture Industry will develop into Local 399 Members.

• The operation of manufacturing work in New Mexico will stay the identical. This decision will by no means alter or influence our Local 399 ‘Black Book’ Agreement, the jurisdiction, working situations and present roster processes stay the identical.

• New Mexico Teamsters will likely be concerned within the growth and enlisted to vote on a means of referral guidelines and a good seniority system for less than these based mostly in New Mexico.

• Their seniority system will stay separate and other than our Los Angeles Industry Experience Roster. To be clear, New Mexico may have its personal roster that isn’t tied to the Industry Experience Roster that’s adopted in Los Angeles.

• We are dedicated to working along with Local 492 to make sure this course of is completed shortly, effectively and with the respect every Teamster member deserves.

• We consider this transformation of illustration to be optimistic. I take nice satisfaction within the 399 means of illustration, help and dedication to robust contracts and enforcement. I consider this transfer will solely strengthen the attain and energy of Teamsters Local 399 members. We are nicely geared up to help any and all members on this business.

• We are dedicated to signify every Local 399 member equally with the utmost dignity and respect.

“To Help address member questions and provide an update after we have concluded our week in New Mexico,” Dougherty wrote, “we are planning to host a virtual 399 Jurisdiction Town Hall on Zoom. This will be a time for current Local 399 members to hear an update, get questions answered and share any concerns.”

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