Lititz police’s video of parking violator paying fine with dimes goes viral | Local News

The Lititz Borough Police Department made so much of cents − actually − when somebody paid their parking ticket with dimes.

The Lititz Borough Police Department Facebook web page posted a video of the mailed ticket on Wednesday, Jan. 11, with 13 stamps on the envelope and dimes spilling out the aspect, with a listing of info in regards to the bundle within the description. The driver, who the division did not determine, opted to pay a $15-parking ticket with dimes − 150 of them.

Detective Sergeant Stephen Detz, a 20-year veteran of the division, composed the put up when he obtained the envelope. He decided the bundle weighed 378.78 grams, which might value the sender a further $7.80 to mail it. Detz additionally wrote that it it took lower than two minutes to depend the change and it might have value 60 cents to mail the envelope with money in it. 

Detz jokingly thanked the sender for the cash in a change scarcity and for ensuring their provide of dimes was “bounteous.”  

“The fact that you, Mr. Parking Ticket Receiver, took the time to think of us while paying your parking ticket speaks volumes to your character as a human,” the put up reads. “We can imagine that paying a parking ticket is an extremely stressful event, so again thank you for thinking of us.”

He was entertained by the gesture and didn’t take any offense to the joke. 

“It was kind of a playback to them to show that we did get it and we appreciate the gesture,” Detz mentioned. 

Detz’s put up has gotten nationwide consideration − in actual fact, a San Francisco resident reached out and requested if Lititz had their parking tickets on sale. Inside Edition even made a brief YouTube video about ticket.

The remark part of the video is rife with coin puns and customers having amusing with the put up. 

“Rookie, everyone knows you pay in person with pennies… geez,” consumer Greg Rice posted. 

“Do the crime, pay by dime,” consumer Kristy Lynn wrote. 

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