MEXC Global Launches A New Crypto Debit Card #MEXC #Global #Launches #Crypto #Debit #Card

MEXC cryptocurrency exchange has launched a new MEXC Mastercard debit card which will allow crypto holders to use their digital assets to make payments.

MEXC is a top cryptocurrency exchange providing various services, including spot, ETF, and Futures trading. They also support coin staking and have an NFT Index, among other tools. MEXC Global currently services over 10 million users and has adopted a “Users First, MEXC’s Changing for you” approach.

MEXC said that the card will be connected to the client’s user account. This way, users will be free to pay for purchased goods and services or top up their cryptocurrency balances. Additionally, they will be free to directly manage their cards, view transaction history, and gain access to customer care support via the MEXC Mastercard app and site.

“The goal is to promote crypto adoption in payment,” states Andrew, the VP of MEXC Global.

“MEXC is committed to tangibly promoting global cryptocurrency adoption, bringing cryptocurrency into everyday shopping. We believe that the MEXC Mastercard is important in encouraging wider cryptocurrency use and global adoption.”

The launch of the MEXC Mastercard is a milestone for the exchange and a new step.

By introducing the debit card to users, the ramp allows asset holders to make purchases directly like they would through bank accounts.

The company expects that the widespread use of the card will drive adoption, increasing the popularity of cryptocurrencies.

The VP of MEXC Global said the MEXC Mastercard launch reflects their stand to enhance user experience continuously.

“The launch of the MEXC Mastercard also reflects our reliability, innovation, and influence. We always start from the perspective of users’ needs and provide users with professional products and services. After continuous efforts, in the second half of last year, the liquidity of contracts, spot, and ETFs has achieved the world’s first.”

You can get more details on how to apply for this debit card here.

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