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The case of LSU gymnastics sensation Olivia Dunne is one that transcends her sport. Before her, college girls participating in various sports in NCAA-organized competitions could not earn sponsorship money due to the rules of collegiate amateurism. That is no longer a reality.

Dunne, who according to an article published by the Daily Mail has a net worth close to $2.3 million is no longer just known for her sports competitions and despite being only 20 years old is a sensation on Instagram and Twitter, which has landed her lucrative deals with sponsors.

Olivia Dunne and her latest viral video dancing with a classmate

How has Olivia Dunne made her fortune?

According to the policy changes in the well-known NIL-Rule that began to take effect on July 1, 2021, college athletes can now have economic income from sponsorships and use of their image, that was taken advantage of in a big way by “Livvy”, who, among others signed an agreement with the sportswear brand Vuori, who that already one of its main advertising images.

“We are so excited to welcome Livvy to the Vuori family,” said Nikki Sakelliou, vice president of marketing at Vuori, at the time of the deal. “From her astonishing talents and determination as a gymnast to the positivity she spreads on social media, Livvy is a wonderful representation of the mindset we at Vuori aim to inspire.”

Olivia Dunne’s breaks the internet again with her sexy sunny Christmas break

Olivia Dunne: A gymnast who is a sensation on Instagram and Tik Tok.

The fame that Olivia Dunne has generated has made her one of the favorite influencers within the sports world in the United States. On her Instagram account she has a wonderful total of 3 million followers, a figure that is constantly growing. In addition, she has around 6.6 million followers on Tik Tok.

Although she has not yet reached the level to represent the United States in the Olympic Games, it is clear that Olivia Dunne’s influence exceeds her sport and it is also a fact that she never goes unnoticed.

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