The Colorists Who Inspire Marvel’s Colorists #Colorists #Inspire #Marvels #Colorists


In honor of Colorist Appreciation Day, which takes place on January 24, Marvel is celebrating our mighty colorists all week long. To do that, we spoke with a handful of our finest colorists to gather insight on their work, the skills they learned from their peers and mentors, the advice they would pass on to the next generation of colorists, and more.

To kick things off, we asked Jesus Aburto, Edgar Delgado, Marte Gracia, Rachelle Rosenberg, and Matt Wilson about the colorists who inspired them and influenced their approach to the art form. From industry veterans like Laura Martin and Paul Mounts to their own peers, they had plenty of praise to go around!

Jesus Aburto

“Well, back in the beginning, I wouldn’t work as a colorist without the invitation to be part of Studio F, where my fellow colorists Edgar Delgado, Marte Gracia, and Antonio Fabela helped me to craft my way into adding light and color to the panels and covers. Besides them, I admire a lot of colorists, like the legends Justin Ponsor, Richard Isanove, and Laura Martin, and my friends David Curiel, Israel Silva, Rachelle Rosenberg, and Joey, AKA Guru-eFX.”

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