Video Leaks of Marie Mott Traffic Stop

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) — The Chattanooga Police Department has launched physique cam footage of District 8 City Council Candidate Marie Mott being stopped for a burned out headlight.

The video reveals Mott getting upset with the police officer for the cease, accusing an officer of racism.

“It went out while I’m driving. That’s not, that’s not a crime,” stated Mott.

“I need your registration and your proof of insurance, please,” stated the officer.

“That’s not a crime, ma’am. What you’re doing is you’re harassing a black woman,” stated Mott.

“Do you have insurance on your vehicle?” stated the officer.

“Yes, I have insurance. Are you asking me that because I’m Black?” stated Mott.

“No, ma’am,” stated the officer.

“You’re asking me that because I’m Black. Yes, you are. Ma’am, that went out while I was driving. I’m not doing nothing illegal. I’m not doing nothing illegal. You’re harassing me,” stated Mott.

“Is this your vehicle?” stated the officer.

“Is this my vehicle? Yes, this is my vehicle.” stated Mott.

After some arguing over the costs, Mott indicators the ticket and the video involves an finish.

At no level did the scenario escalate, and neither the C-P-D nor Mott have launched statements in regards to the incident.

But the cease occurred inside every week of the election, and the video seems to be circulating as a political wedge, drawing controversy as voters put together to the polls.

To what extent the video will affect the result of the election is but to be seen.

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