‘Which Celebrity Looks Like They Smell Bad?’

Sometimes, as a author, you might be tasked by destiny to step as much as a historic second. You by no means know when this typically once-in-a-lifetime second would possibly come, however when it does, there may be by no means any doubt: You really feel it all the way down to your bones that your hour has arrived. The time to solid all frivolity apart. The second to take up the pen and lift it to the sky and to channel all these heroes of ink and reality which have come earlier than in your quest to get to the guts of what actually issues!

So on that observe, right here’s Reddit asking the query: ‘Which celebrity looks like they smell bad?’ You can take a look at the total thread right here, however under are some flashes of the lightning of actual journalism:

Header Image Source: Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images

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