Who Is Conan Gray? ‘Heather’ Singer, Olivia Rodrigo’s BFF

Conan Gray has been topping music charts and going viral on TikTok since 2020! The singer-songwriter, who wrote the viral TikTok tune “Heather,” simply launched his second album, Superache, on June 24, 2022 — and he’s additionally finest associates with Olivia Rodrigo. So, who’s Conan, precisely?

Conan, 23, is a singer-songwriter who began off his profession by posting tune covers on YouTube when he was a young person. He began releasing music in 2018 and was thrust into the highlight after his tune “Heather” blew up the charts again in 2020 — which grew to become a viral sensation on TikTok. He is most well-known for his tremendous emotional ballads and susceptible story-telling via his lyrics.

“I feel everything super intensely,” he advised GQ in February 2022. “I feel like the people who listen to my music are the same way, so I don’t feel alone. I’d much rather feel everything super intensely than feel nothing at all.”

The “People Watching” singer grew up in Georgetown Texas, till he moved to California and enrolled at UCLA, the place he shortly walked out of English class after signing a report deal. “I remember going to the counselor’s office and telling them I was dropping out, and the lady was like, ‘Are you sure?’”

He would go on to provide music with Dan Nigro, who has additionally labored with artists like Caroline Polachek and Olivia Rodrigo, the latter being considered one of his finest associates. “I was always one of Conan’s biggest fans,” she advised GQ. “Conan really lights up every room he walks into. He’s so generous and warm with his spirit.”

Another enjoyable truth in regards to the singer, is despite the fact that he writes heartbreaking songs about love and relationships, he himself has by no means been in a relationship!

“You will probably be surprised to learn that I’ve never actually dated anyone. It’s embarrassing! Dating makes me nervous,” he defined. “All my best friends are dating people, though, so I live vicariously through them. I’ve been heartbroken, obviously. I’ve been in love with people, but they haven’t loved me back. In high school I was in love with someone who ended up destroying me. I wrote basically my whole first album about them, and the song ‘Heather.’ I still write songs about them.”

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