Who is Miss All Sunday in One Piece? Explained

One of probably the most partaking elements of characters in creator and illustrator Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece collection is the plethora of epithets and hidden names followers can discover inside.

One of probably the most well-known examples is the enigmatic “D.” center preliminary, which a number of characters have been proven to own, however no rationalization of the title has been given but.

This extends to each One Piece’s heroes and villains, with many characters who might be slotted into every archetype possessing at the very least one epithet or secret title. One such character is the enigmatic Miss All Sunday, whose reveal of her actual title considerably confused many followers upon their first watch-through.

Follow alongside as this text absolutely breaks down who Miss All Sunday really is, and why she makes her debut in One Piece with that title.

One Piece’s Nico Robin’s preliminary introduction confused followers as a result of title she was initially launched with

Who is Miss All Sunday?

The true id of Miss All Sunday is none apart from One Piece fan-favorite, Nico Robin. Fans ultimately see Robin be part of the Straw Hat crew formally and doubtless following the collection’ Water 7 saga, consisting of the Water 7 and Enies Lobby arcs.

Robin was initially launched, nevertheless, throughout the earlier Alabasta arc as one of many Baroque Works brokers. Baroque Works is the legal syndicate headed by none apart from fan-favorite ex-Shichibukai, Sir Crocodile. The syndicate’s preliminary purpose was to destabilize and take over Alabasta, with Crocodile set to be positioned as its new ruler.

Baroque Works brokers labored in gendered pairs, with one girl and one man every with a codename beginning with Miss or Mister, respectively. The male brokers had been normally given a numbered codename, resembling 3 and 0, whereas feminine brokers obtained vacation and weekday codenames, resembling Monday and Valentine.

Crocodile’s codename, because the group’s chief, was Mr. 0, along with his accomplice, Nico Robin, being codenamed Miss All Sunday. The two labored with one another persistently and always, as did each different partnership pair inside the group.

It’s price mentioning that, whereas most of the syndicate’s brokers labored in gendered pairs, there are some brokers who don’t have any accomplice by any means.

Robin makes use of this codename all through your complete Alabasta arc, till she abandons Baroque Works and sneaks on board the Straw Hat’s first ship in One Piece, the Going Merry.

She then reintroduces herself as Nico Robin, asking to hitch the crew since employment by Baroque Works is now not an choice attributable to Luffy’s defeating Crocodile.

She additionally cites Luffy’s determination to save lots of her as a cause for becoming a member of the crew, having apparently accepted dying in the Poneglyph chamber in Alabasta till he saved her from loss of life.

While the precise causes she accepted her loss of life in that second aren’t revealed until later, it’s the reasoning she makes use of to justify her reintroduction to them and becoming a member of the crew as Nico Robin.


It can definitely be complicated, with Robin by no means once more adopting the Miss All Sunday epithet after the Alabasta arc concludes. As a end result, followers generally get confused, after they see others use the Miss All Sunday title when discussing the collection Online.

Typically, followers use this epithet to explain her antagonistic actions all through Alabasta, relatively than her time in the crew after.

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