Who is sitting on Chief Minister’s chair? NCP tweets PIC, MOCKS Eknath Shinde saying ‘SUPER CM doing RAJDHARMA…’ | India News

Since the brand new authorities led by Eknath Shinde and Devendra Fadnavis got here into existence within the state of Maharashtra, the strain between the ruling social gathering and the opposition is growing day-to-day. While accusations are being made on each side of this backstory, now a photograph has been tweeted by the Nationalist Congress Party and from it, Chief Minister Eknath Shinde and the state authorities have been criticized in harsh phrases.

NCP spokesperson Ravikant Varpe tweeted this picture and criticized Chief Minister Eknath Shinde for it. He tweeted, “Best wishes to Shrikant Shinde for becoming Super CM. In the absence of the Chief Minister, his Chiranjeev is in charge of the post of Chief Minister. The strangulation of democracy is going on. What kind of Rajdharma is this? This photo was sent to me by a very responsible person. This photo is from the Chief Minister’s office at the Chief Minister’s official residence. The Chief Minister holds meetings with officials there.”

Ravikant Varpe additional focused the Chief Minister Eknath Shinde and mentioned, ” Maybe because the Chief Minister of the state is busy with Ganapati Mandal, Navaratri Utsav, Pitrupaksha or Delhi winds, the responsibility of seeing the work of other people in the state has been given to Shrikant Shinde as Super CM, we think. Who is really looking after the affairs of the state? This state seems to be in turmoil. This is the official residence of the Chief Minister. Behind him is written the Chief Minister of Maharashtra. The Chief Minister’s chair is respected by his family and everyone. If you want to attend other official meetings or informal meetings, you should sit beside the Chief Minister’s chair. It is the seat of self-esteem of 13 crore people of Maharashtra”

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