‘Why Would You Say That About Me?’

Gervonta Davis and Eddie Hearn proceed to travel after the promoter’s curiosity in signing the fighter was shot down.

‘Tank’ just lately shared a non-public e mail dialog with the monetary particulars of a suggestion from Hearn, publicly declining it and claiming it wasn’t something particular.

If it was clear then that the pair had been unlikely to work collectively, it appeared crystal final week when Davis took problem with the promoter’s evaluation of him as a fighter.

After Davis stopped Hector Luis Garcia in Washington DC, clearing the way in which for an enormous struggle with Ryan Garcia in April, Hearn advised The DAZN Boxing Show that he was a ‘bad motherf**ker.’

“Gervonta’s a very exciting fighter, he’s also an outstanding fighter. I wanted to know if he got through and progressed the Ryan Garcia fight and see how his head might be after everything had happened.”

“The dangerous thing about Gervonta Davis, he’s not a deep thinker. He’s not an articulate young man. He’s a bad kid. I don’t mean that in a disrespectful way. He’s a bad mother****** . Just like Mike Tyson, some of these other greats were. And that makes them dangerous because they’re fearless, you can’t get into his head.”

Whilst Hearn was clearly complimenting ‘Tank’ in saying he was harmful and even evaluating him to a younger Mike Tyson, the knockout artist from Baltimore took problem with being referred to as ‘not a deep thinker’ and ‘not articulate.’

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